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Dangers in Each Trimester

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The Human Development In Three Trimesters

A woman wants nothing more than for her baby to be born healthy. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. There are dangers in each of the trimesters of pregnancy. The dangers change throughout each trimester. If pregnant women aren't aware of these dangers and do something to prevent them from happening, there's a possible chance of the baby being born unhealthy or, even worse, not living long enough to be born.


First Trimester Dangers

The baby (then known as a zygote, emryo or fetus) is at high risk during this trimester. Since the growing zygote, embryo, or fetus is so delicate at this point, a mother should be extra cautious. There is a great danger of miscarriage at this point. During the first trimester, a miscarriage can occur when the under developed embryo, zygote, or fetus dies and is discharged from the uterus, through the vagina. A woman can put her baby at a great risk of dying or preventing normal development during this trimester, or any trimester by smoking, doing drugs, drinking, being exposed to radiation, taking unnecessary medication, and/or getting hurt in the abdomen (falling, abuse, etc.). During the embryonic stage (15th day after conception through the 8th week), the mother should be very cautious. During this stage, the cells of the embryo are multiplying and are taking on different functions. During this process, tissue differentiation, the growing embryo is most likely to be harmed by exernal sources (teratogens) such as viruses, radiation, etc.).

Second Trimester Dangers

In the second trimester if pregnancy, the baby is starting to develop features. During this trimester, there aren't many dangers to the developinf fetus. By now, the baby's safety depends solely on the mother's health. That is why pregnant women should get tested for diseases, such as diabetes and hypertention. Such diseases are not only a danger to the mother, but also a great danger to the development and life of the fetus. The fetus is also still at risk of being miscarried. If this occurs, a woman would have to give premature, vaginal birth or undergo a Caesarian section.Precautions such as smoking and drinking still apply in this trimester.

Third Trimester Dangers

By the time a woman is in her third trimester of pregnancy, the baby is almost fully developed. There aren't many extremely serios risks at this point, because the fetus has a very high chance of surviving. However, someting can still go wrong. Any extreme physical harm can hurt the baby or terminate the pregnancy. Also, the umbilical cord can strangle and kill the baby due to the limited space in the uterus. The same precautions taken in the first and second trimester still apply.

It is extremely important for mothers to know all about these dangers. She will do herself and her baby/babies a huge favor. Just by being aware of these risks make a difference. Every mother should know these dangers so that they know what to watch out for. Okay, maybe the word "danger" comes off as alarming, but don't sweat it. These precautions are quite easy to take. After mommy watches ot for these dangers, she can deliver a healthy baby. HOW EXCITING!!!



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