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The Human Development In Three Trimesters

Medical Tools Used to Monitor the Fetus

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The following tools are used during a pregnancy to determine development, health conditions and unexpected disabilities of the fetus:

Ultrasound(also known as an ultrasound scran, sonogram or ultrasonography):
A screening procedure that uses sound waves to create a picture of internal body structures. So in this case, the developing fetus.
Used to:
Confirm pregnancy
Spot multiple fetuses(twins, triplets,etc.)
Find out the fetus' age, size, maturity and condition
Detect malfunctions

Fetal Doppler(also known as fetal heartbeat monitor)
It is used to determine and and monitor the fetal health. Physicians use the tool after the twelth week of pregnancy because by then the heart should be large enough. Positive results should be expected, normally a fetus' heart beats somewhere between 110 and 160 beats per min. It works by sending low-level sound waves through the skin and tissue of  the mothers abdomen. 

MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
The purpose of this tool is to create images of the fetus. It shows images that aren't visible by using the eyes. HOW IS IT DONE YOU ASK? Well the mother is in the position to be slid into the MRI System, then a magnetic field is created and radio signals are turned on and off because of the energy absorbed by the atoms of the body. So the machine then recieves the energy, records the data and is able to create an image. 

This device is an eletrical recording of the heart and is used to detect a heart diseases. It too monitors te health of the baby in preventing a miscarriage. You also should know that an EKG/ECG can be used for anyone(minimum age 12.)

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