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The Human Development In Three Trimesters

Other Options of Getting Pregnant
Trimester 1
Trimester 2
Trimester 3
Dangers in Each Trimester
Giving Birth
Medical Tools Used to Monitor the Fetus
Other Options of Getting Pregnant

Options About Getting Pregnant Other Then The Natural Way!

   We all know that to get pregnant the natural way, a male and a female would have to have sexual intercourse.
     In some cases this is not possible.
          Ex: Cannot produce sex cells successfully
                 Homosexual Relationships
     In that case, here are some options about getting pregnant other then the natural way...
  • Artificeial Insemination: If a man cannot produce sperm, a specially treated sperm is inserted throught the cervix and into the uterus of the woman. (has to happen durring ovulation


  • If a women cannot produce an egg, the same thing is done only that she would need to get an egg from a donor, then she has an option of getting inserted with a partner's sperm or the sperm of a donor.


  • In the case of a homosexual relationship, (2 females) they choose which one of them they want to give birth  and then they are inserted with the sperm of a donor. It's possible that the sperm is froma person they know, but its not likely. (They can also figure out what characteristics the donor has from files and choose the one that fits them best)


  • In the case of a homosexual relationship, (2 men) there really isnt much to say.A man cannot carry a child, but they can adopt or ask a femal to carry the child for them.(surrogate mother)




   Those are not the only thing that are considered unnatural pregnancy. There are other things that are considered unnatural pregnancies such as...
     Ex: Abortions
     Birth control pills
     Having a disease
     Abortions: Considered an unnatural pregnancy becaus ethe female knows that shes pregnant and doesnt want the child. For it to be natural she would have to have the child, but her choice based on her situation is interfearing with nature, and it makes it unnatural.
     Birth control pill: Considered bunnatural because it builds mucus in the cervix and stops female cycle of ovulation.
     Having a disease: Considered unnatural because the baby has a chance of comming out infected with the disease as well and that isnt considered natural.
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